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About Us

About Us

With global recession out of the way, businesses are now focusing on covering lost ground and therefore core functions of Marketing, Manufacturing & Sales are taking pole positions. This leaves senior management with very limited time for supporting functions.

However, apart from the core functions, businesses also need to be efficient & effective in Human Resources, Administration, Accounting, Communication, Data Management and a host of other functions to support the core functions and help outrun the competition.

Be it a start up, a good company trying to get better or a bruised business trying to stage a recovery, the question remains the same. What lies ahead? What is the magnitude & spread of the risk that can be taken?

The most difficult business decision, perhaps, is the decision to hire because hiring is costly, tedious and may lead to lot of discomfort in case of misfits, especially in case of supporting functions. The best solution that has ever emerged is hiring virtual assistant services in profiles like Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant, Virtual Secretary and Administrative Assistant. These virtual assistant services eliminate all risks associated with on-roll staffing.

In 2014, Hire My Assistants (HMA) hit the ground running to help businesses overcome this dilemma. Located in India, Hire My Assistants is a team of top-notch outsourcing professionals who offer relevant wide spectrum virtual assistance services. Low cost, high quality & time bound virtual assistant services in outsourced business functions help businesses eliminate hiring/staffing cost & liabilities and allow senior management to devote quality time to their intrinsic core business functions.

Hire My Assistants provides virtual assistance services as operational levers to businesses that want to grow manifold in shortest possible duration. The sole aim is to revel in the success of its customers by helping them effectively outsource their business functions.

Hire My Assistants was conferred with ‘Virtual Assistant Service Provider on a Global scale’ and with experience under it’s belt, we are now poised to take on the Knowledge Process Outsourcing services. Racing against time, appreciation of individual entrepreneurial spirit & going the extra mile is imprinted in HMA’s DNA.

Hire My Assistants virtual assistant team members in India are baptized with ‘Customer First!’. Every member is highly qualified & experienced and therefore is a front runner for his/her customer’s business, cost and time. HMA provides virtual assistant services to countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia & European countries.

With HMA backing you up, you know that “Its Done!”