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Are Virtual Assistants Equally Good for Small and Large Businesses?

23 Oct Admin

Yes! All sizes and types of businesses stand to gain benefits from virtual assisted tasks and virtual assistants.

Small and medium businesses have very little financial leverage and mostly work on wafer thin margins. Thus, there is always a conscious effort to have very few departments and still lesser staff in them. The burden of additional cost in taxes, welfare, insurance, training, retirement benefits can sometimes mean the difference between profit and loss. Further, small and medium businesses do not have time & facilities to train their own staff. This makes in-house staff less effective and high on cost.

Virtual assistants are a boon to such small & medium businesses as they are highly skilled & trained in the function they execute and they can be hired as, when and till their services are needed. Therefore, clients get the best value for their money without investment or liabilities.

Large business conglomerates or multinationals have a large geographical spread. Hiring can be a complicated, tedious and costly affair. Since the geo spread is large, the demand-supply gap at each location varies. This creates enormous cerebral pressure on top management to manage the global supply chain at an optimized cost. In such situations, delegation of critical tasks which are continuously changing in nature is the key. Delegation ensures that top management gets ample time for strategizing and firefighting. Delegation means additional staff and costs. Hence, hiring virtual assistants makes sense as they are – cost effective, highly skilled and available at required location in short time and never a liability once the tasks are over.

So, hiring virtual assistants irrespective of the size and scale of business makes sense.

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