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Smart ways to train your Virtual Assistants and bring out the best in them

31 Aug Admin

Getting the best out of a virtual assistant is critical to your business. Rework and delays can really put projects in a bind. Client has to break down the foreseen vision into doable virtual tasks. Of course, requirements may change with time & scenario and therefore the tasks but the earlier the change is detected, the better it is.

Breaking down the vision into clear and well defined tasks is not enough. The virtual assistants need regular training & feedback to ensure that their skills and thought processes are up to date.

Here are a few smart & easy ways to train a virtual assistant –

a) Avoid task based relationship. Have long term plans and focus on the strengths of the VA and highlight them. This is a motivation tool and costs nothing.
b) Communicate expectations clearly, each & every time, on deadlines. Over a period of time & tasks, the virtual assistant shall learn to respect the need for completing things on time.
c) If the association with VAs is long term, invest money in VA training programs that upgrade/improve VA skills & attributes. The benefits over time can be huge and tangible.
d) Create and provide audio & video training content or locate such content on the web and provide links.
e) Just like in-house employees, virtual employees also feel the need to be connected with their clients’ business, concerns & achievements. It pays to have informal online meetings with VAs to share business performance & expectations. This builds a bond between clients and their VAs and this bonding improves the deliverables.
f) One of the oldest & most popular training and motivational tool is rewarding employees with incentive or bonus on a job well done. If VAs knows that the client is broad minded & liberal with money, they will go all out to train & upgrade themselves to suit such client’s requirements and will stand up to be counted when business comes calling!

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