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What to do or check before hiring a virtual assistant or virtual assistance service

21 Aug Admin

A few things that a client needs to know, do and understand before hiring a virtual assistant –

a. Background check to ensure that the would-be virtual assistant is free from criminal charges and online frauds. Contact as many given references as possible and reconfirm credentials provided.
b. Availability is the key. Over and above skill sets, clients should know the availability of the virtual assistants to plan and map their project execution. Candidates who are not dependent on this VA job may be low on the availability factor.
c. Turn around time is another factor that shall determine the right fit. Critical projects need dedicated, tech savvy & quick learners to meet tight schedules. VAs who love challenges often find ways and means to complete assignments before the deadline.
d. Thought process & ideology match between client and virtual employee often helps develop mutually beneficial, healthy & innovative professional relationship.
e. As a client, searching for virtual assistance for a specific job can be a laborious process and can escalate hiring costs. The best way to go about it is to hire through a well established virtual assistance service provider.

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