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Online Virtual Internet Research Assistant in India

Extracting, Collating and presenting actionable information about competitors and their strategies in marketing, pricing, cross subsidizing and distribution & networking channels are some of the salient features of marketing research & analysis.

Marketing Analyst is a highly qualified business professional, very often a doctorate. To have such qualified individuals in an in-house Market Research team can be quite a costly affair. Hire My Assistants has painstakingly created a highly talented pool of virtual Research Assistants for its clients and thereby eliminating the high cost of employee engagement.

Hire My Assistants virtual marketing assistants contribute in many such following sensitive areas of market research & analysis.

Responsibilities of the Online Market Research Virtual Assistant are :

  • Develop a research plan, analyze research results and offer marketing strategies
  • Analyze customers and their competitors and derive common and unique features of their respective businesses
  • Conduct cross demo graphic surveys on marketing strategies and consumer opinions to help making strategy
  • Collaborate with statisticians, pollsters, marketing professionals and other professionals to sensitize and moderate results of initial surveys
  • Prepare reports & records of findings and illus trating data graphically and help clients formulate strategies
  • Help clients finalize action plans based on formulated strategies

Our Market Analyst vitual assistants are equivalent to a Masters Degree holder as they have vast experience in custom market research industry. They have strong analytical and critical thinking skills. They have exceptionally well written oral and presentation communication ability. They master in Excel, PowerPoint and SAS. Most of them have Bachelors or Advanced degree in business and mathematics Or Sciences.

Service Include

Experienced Virtual Assistants

Experienced & professional virtual assistants including MBA’s, Engineers, Medical professionals.

100% confidentiality

We offer 100% confidentiality to all our customers.

Flexible to Communicate

You can use a dedicated telephone number, chat on Skype, and send emails to communicate with the Virtual assistant.

The Benefits

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  • Affordable pricing as low as $5/hr
  • Save time by outsourcing tasks
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Money back guarantee*
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